Recent Additions

Jonathan J. Borr, Class of 1999

Joined the Chapter Eternal August 2, 2017,

at  his parent's home in Holland,

following a diagnosis earlier this year of  Amyloidosis.

Read the complete obituary here.

James Steinhilper, Class of 1971

Joined the Chapter Eternal 2015

Michael Spewak, Class of 1973

Joined the Chapter Eternal 2007

Steven Kenworthy, Class of 2006

Joined the Chapter Eternal 2007

John Wilke, Class of 1946

Joined the Chapter Eternal October 7, 2017.

Raymond V. Hamjian, Class of 1949

Joined Chapter Eternal February 3, 2016. Read the complete obituary here.

David S. Greene, Class of 1986

Passed away peacefully after a brief illness, surrounded by his loving family, on Tuesday, January 26, 2016. Read the complete obituary here.

Donald W. Asselborne, Class of 1988

Passed into the chapter eternal on October 8, 2014

Christopher Sawyer, Class of 2004

10/03/1982 - 10/28/2006

Eternally Theta Chi Alpha Chi

Dale A. Desaulniers, Class of 1988

It is with great sorrow that I report the passing of Dale A. Desaulniers into Chapter Eternal. Dale passed away Monday, January 16th due to a heart attack. Dale transferred to my chapter ZY.

Paul J. McDonough, Class of 1985

Charles C. Corda, Class of 1985

Norman F. Meyer, Class of 1979

Norman F. Meyer, age 55, of Aliso Viejo, CA, passed away suddenly Saturday, February 25, 2012. He was born on January 10, 1957 in Kenmore NY, raised in Tonawanda and graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in journalism. He spent 20+ years in the sales and marketing world, spending the last 3 years with Ameramark.

John G. Davis, Class of 1979

Timothy A. Post, Class of 1979

Glen C. Tomb, Class of 1950

Initiated on 3/21/48, roster #267 passed away on 8/16/2012.

Glen served in the Army Signal Corps in WWII on Okinawa. He was awarded the Outstanding Air Force ROTC Cadet Honor Graduate of Syracuse University. Read more.

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